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Top 10 Best Korean Dramas

Dramas are Asian, including Korean, television series that have rapidly conquered and conquered the world. They come in a wide variety of genres: comedy, melodrama, detective, adventure, fantasy, etc. The main characters are almost always young people. The secret to enhanced dramas is this:

pop idols often play in dramas;
do not stretch for several years ahead, the duration of the standard season is 3 months;
I want to empathize with the main character who always suffers;
the innocence of gifts captivates, true love is expressed in looks and touches, and nothing more.
Today, TV shows from Korea are at their peak. Here are some of the best Korean dramas that have the highest ratings from viewers.

10. Obsessed with a dream

One of the most popular schools in Korea. Their main goal is to become a star of the first magnitude. Ko Hye Mi wants to become a famous opera singer, Jason, who came to school on an exchange, a world famous dancer. Son Sam-Dong, an ordinary village boy who dreamed of his own farm, fell in love with Ko Hye Mi, after her he entered the art school, where he discovered a real musical talent.

This is a story not just of young people, devoted to dreams of fame and stage, but of what people are ready to go to for the sake of fulfilling their innermost dreams. Not everyone will succeed, the stage will accept the strongest and most worthy.

9. For you in all color

The plot of the drama focuses on the US-based girl Ku Jae-Hee, who once saw the brilliant jump of the athlete Kang Tae-Jun on TV and fell in love with him at first sight. Jae Hee is fascinated by the skill of the jumper, she persuades her parents to let her go, and travels to South Korea. Incredible adventures await her ahead, because the school where Te-Chzhun studies is only for boys. To enter this educational institution, a girl pretends to be a young man.

8. City hunter

«City Hunter» is considered one of the best dramas in Korea. From childhood, Lee Yun Sung has been taught the basics of martial arts and the skills of handling cold weapons. At the age of seventeen, he learns the shocking truth about his real parents. His father died along with other military squad, performing a government special operation and turned out to be pawns in a political game. Only one soldier survived. This man kidnapped and raised Lee Yun Sung as a city hunter in order to use it for revenge on those who killed his colleagues.

7. Boys are more beautiful than flowers

A popular Korean drama that tells the story of Jang Di, a girl from a poor family. Her parents are dry cleaning owners, and Chang Di takes care of delivering things to clients in his spare time. Once, having arrived with a completed order at an elite school, she witnesses a suicide attempt by one of the students and saves him. In gratitude, she receives an offer to study at this prestigious school. It is run by four high school students calling themselves F4. They didn’t like the new girl right away, but Chang Di was not used to giving up and fighting back spoiled guys.

6. Full house

The main character of one of the best Korean dramas, Han Chi Eun, has recently lost her parents. The most valuable thing for her is the house built by her father. She becomes a victim of fraud. Under the guise of winning the lottery, childhood friends poison the girl in Shanghai. Meanwhile, they themselves are selling her house to a famous actor who has received a power of attorney to manage the house. Returning from an unsuccessful trip, Han Chi Eun finds out that she has nowhere to live. Conflicting with the new owner, she by hook or by crook tries to stay in her house.

5. Healer

Heeler has three main characters. Seo Jong Hu is a courier who works under the pseudonym Heeler, and masterfully fulfills the most difficult orders of clients. Chae Young Shin is a young journalist who dreams of becoming a famous reporter. While collecting information for the next reportage, she accidentally comes across a photo of that same Healer. She begins to collect information about the mysterious courier. Kim Moon Ho is a famous reporter who has been looking for Chae Yong Shin, a girl from the past for many years. To find her, he hires Heeler.

The fates of the main characters intertwine, revealing the dark secrets of the past.

4. I can hear you

In fourth place in the ranking is one of the best dramas in Korea, «I’ll Hear You.» There are three main characters in the series, and each of this unusual trinity has its own ideas about justice, they are all very different people. By the will of fate, they unite to prove the innocence of the suspect, although the chances are equal to one percent.

Jang Hye Sun is a young female lawyer, brave, with a prickly character and lack of manners. Park Soo Ha is a nineteen-year-old boy with psychic abilities, he can hear the thoughts of other people. Cha Kwang Woo is a former police officer who now works as a government lawyer.

3. Lord of the sun

«Lord of the Sun» is ranked third on the list of the best Korean dramas. The story of the complex, tangled and unusual relationship between a successful businessman and a strange girl. Tae Gong Shil has a very delicate and vulnerable nature. One day she has unusual abilities, the ability to see ghosts. Because of this, she cannot sleep at night. Zhu Zhong Won is obsessed with wealth, he is only interested in money. He is an inveterate materialist, builds a career and clearly goes to the intended goal. What can these two have in common?

One evening, Zhu Zhong Won meets a strange girl who seems to be talking to emptiness. In fact, she is constantly trying to hide from ghosts. At first, the guy thinks that Tae Gong Shil is crazy because she does not believe in the existence of the other world, but when faced with the inexplicable, she begins to realize that she really has a unique gift.

2. Ruthless city

In second place among the most popular Korean dramas is «Ruthless City». An exciting story of love and hate, betrayal and forgiveness. A police agent is killed during the investigation. After that, at the request of the former boss and mentor, the future prosecutor Ji Hyun Min returns to the police to lead a special group to capture a major criminal authority, a drug dealer nicknamed Scale. The fearless police officer is confronted by Shi Hyun. An orphan who grew up in a poor neighborhood, his teachers were bandits and prostitutes. Now his goal is to shift the Scale and take his place. His motto is: if you do not kill, they will kill you. Both main characters fall in love with the same girl.

Another character in the drama is a city, illuminated by the sun during the day, calm and majestic. At night, it turns into a wild, cruel jungle, where vice and profit rule. It will become a kind of battlefield.

1. Nice guy

«Nice Guy» is the most critically acclaimed Korean drama ever. Kang Ma Ru is a good, kind and helpful guy, always ready to help. He is studying at the university and preparing to become a doctor, as well as taking care of his sick sister. A talented student, a loving brother and a loyal friend will face difficult trials ahead of which he is unaware.

One day, his girlfriend Ji Hee called the guy and, sobbing, said that she accidentally killed the man who molested her. Kang Ma Ru loves her, so he takes the blame. He naively believes that the girl will wait for him from prison, and they will be together. But Ji Hee quickly forgot about him for the sake of a new beautiful life and married a wealthy man who suits her as a father.

Six years passed, and instead of a nice guy, a man with a blackened soul was released. Now his main goal is revenge on the one for which he derailed his life.