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Top 10 best movies for girls

Films in which humorous notes are intertwined with romantic experiences are watched with great pleasure by representatives of the better half of humanity. These pictures are sentimental, kind, romantic. Women and girls find answers to life’s questions in them, are inspired to do the right thing, try on various situations, see by example how not to act. In our rating, you are invited to a dozen of the best films for girls and young women.

10. Pretend to be my wife (2011)

The outsider of the rating of the best films for girls is the comedy film «Pretend to be my wife.» To possess the object of their passion, lovers are capable of much. To achieve the goal, the main character of the film, Danny, invents a non-existent spouse with children. He expects to strike the imagination of the beautiful Palmer, expects pity and sympathy on her part. But the girl behaves outside the box and wants to meet with the other half of the young man.

A ball of lies confuses more and more new participants in the fraud. Danny will have to work hard to get out of the intricacies he created.

9. She’s a man (2006)

The love comedy film «She is a Man» is in 9th place in the rating. A young girl Viola is very fond of football. With the help of a stylist, she changes her appearance and begins to play in the football team for her twin brother Sebastian. The new image allows her to live in a dorm with the guys. The girl is seriously addicted to Duke, the roommate.

The young man already has an object for worship — Olivia. But after meeting Sebastian-Viola, Olivia begins to sympathize with this «young man». Relationships get confused, it is more and more difficult for Viola to remain in a boyish way. However, the girl finds a way out of this situation. She becomes a famous soccer player and finds mutual love.

8. Mean Girl (2007)

Mean Girl, a romantic comedy film, ranks 8th in popularity among girls. The existence of a simple student Charlie did not differ in variety, until fate brought him together with the extravagant beauty Jordan. The girl is about to throw herself under the train because of an unsuccessful love story. Charlie prevents this plan from coming true and tries to distract the girl from disturbing thoughts.

Being depressed negatively affects Jordan’s actions and deeds. She wants to seem vulgar, ill-mannered, obnoxious person. However, Charlie managed to feel that all this is putative, but in fact the girl is smart, sweet and educated.

7. Freaky Friday (2003)

One of the fascinating films for teenage girls is Freaky Friday. Teenager 15 years old Anna cannot get along with her mother Tess. Showdowns and squabbles constantly occur between them. Anna loves music and plays in a rock band, her mother cannot calmly listen to rock — he annoys her. The daughter, in turn, hates Tess’s boyfriend, who proposed to her.

Before the wedding, an argument begins between loved ones, and after the prediction of the «cookie of happiness», a miracle occurs — an exchange of bodies. Mother and daughter have only 24 hours to correct mistakes and delusions — then they will return to their bodies again.

6. Boy in Girl (2006)

A romantic comedy about the power of love — «Boy in a Girl». The events unfold between two teenage neighbors Nell and Woody. They are representatives of two warring houses, their relatives have been at war with each other for a long time, and young hearts do not feel sympathy for each other. Only one morning the incredible happens — Nell and Woody change bodies.

At first, such a change scares them, but then they see some of the advantages of what happened and try to use them. Teenagers strive to do nasty things to each other as much as possible. But being in another body, they recognize the rival and begin to understand him better. The film ends on a minor note — the end of hostility, mutual understanding and love in families.

5.LOL (2008)

In the middle of the rating of the best films for girls is the melodrama «LOL». For an evening out, this French film is very suitable. A cheerful, cheerful girl, whom her friends call «Lol», is going through difficult moments in her life. She doesn’t feel like laughing and joking, despite her nickname (rzhunimagu).

Summer holidays are over, Lol returns home and finds out that she no longer has a lover, her mother is not able to support her. The whole future existence is drawn to her in black and white. But the next academic year begins, and with it new sensations, emotions and hopes come to life.

4. Fall in love with me if you dare (2003)

«Fall in love with me if you dare» is a romantic melodrama. The boy and girl spent all their childhood years without parting, inventing dubious entertainment, were ranked among the hooligans. They had an unusual game for completing tasks — «weak» or «not weak.» The guys were interested in together, but this time is over, the time has come for growing up, and the young man and the girl cannot stop. A lot has changed, they feel that a romantic feeling has arisen between them, but they do not want to admit it. Sophie and Julien continue to test each other and play out their unsafe adventurous scenarios.

3. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

The third place in the rating of the best films for girls is the humorous melodrama «The Devil Wears Prada». A young provincial journalist starts working in the editorial office of the most popular fashion magazine. Andy understands nothing about fashion, her wardrobe is ridiculed by employees.

The editor-in-chief is Miranda, a strict and picky lady. Andy has to fulfill the duties of her secretary, as well as endure the whims and extravagant antics of the boss. But for the sake of her own career, she is ready to sacrifice her principles. Over time, the girl learns the secrets of the fashion magazine, becomes a professional and fashionably dressed lady.

2. Exchange leave (2006)

A funny and kind comedy film «Exchange Vacation», occupies the second line of the rating of the best films for girls. With the help of the Internet, two women with similar destinies find each other. Iris Simpkins is a wealthy Englishwoman with no need for anything. Only the man she loves chose another woman. And she suffers from loneliness.

Amanda Woods is an American advertising agency owner. Everything was fine with her, until the woman found out about the betrayal of her lover. Life circumstances confront these ladies on a housing exchange site. They go to visit each other for Christmas. A new country, home, people — all this radically changes the mood of the ladies, and after the mood, their lives also change.

1. Diary of Bridget Jones (2001)

The comedy «Bridget Jones’s Diary» is probably the best film for girls. Unmarried woman Bridget, having lived to 32 years old, still dreams of finding her soul mate. She decides to start by losing weight, quitting smoking and finding the right man. She quickly succeeds in the latter — she begins to meet with her boss. But he does not justify her hopes and turns out to be «don giovanni».

At her parents’ house, Bridget meets Mark. But he seems boring and pedantic to her. Bridget doesn’t make a pleasant impression on Mark either. But the conduct wants to constantly bring these people together and inevitably they have to look closely at each other. They begin to notice mutual dignity, and at the next stage, a romantic feeling arises between them.