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Top 10 funny movies to tears

There are periods in the life of every person when despondency and blues overtake him. At such moments, you really want to forget about the troubles and problems of a difficult modern life at least for a while. Watching a good comedy is one way to distract yourself and relax. Our rating contains the funniest films to tears, selected by users of Internet movie portals.

10. Always say yes

The comedy film «Always Say Yes» ranks last in the ranking of the funniest films. Famous actor Jim Carrey played the role of Karl Allen, who is withdrawn and difficult to contact with people.

Allen is depressed, his wife left him, friends bypass him. It is difficult to communicate with this person — he is always ready to refuse all requests. But one day the hero finds himself at a seminar, where it is proposed to replace the word «no» with «yes». Karl is interested in this proposal, and he decides to change his lifestyle — to open up to the world and make the word «yes» the most important in his everyday life. This decision helps him move up the career ladder, meet an adorable woman, and make new friends. But then there are inevitable problems in life.

9. Slaughter holidays

«Slaughter Holidays» is a comedy movie that you can laugh to tears at, if you do not take into account the number of victims. A person often forms his opinion about the people around him only by their appearance. Several students wanted to relax on the lake «wildly».

Two friends also come to the same places, to the recently acquired summer cottage. The first meeting of all the heroes takes place at a gas station. The students are frightened by the appearance of Dale and Tucker and they decide that they met with the bandits. Then the suspicious persons turned out to be their neighbors. And then there’s a story about a serious showdown with human casualties that took place in these parts a few years ago. All this had a strong effect on the psyche of the students. When one of the girls was swimming and saw Dale fishing, she got scared of him and hurt herself. Dale and Tucker had to provide assistance to the victim. The rest of the students decided that their friend was taken hostage and urgently needed to be rescued.

8. Removal rules: Hitch method

The comedy «Rules of Removal: The Hitch Method» is one of the funniest films. The main character Alex Hitchens is engaged in an interesting business — a pickup truck. He teaches young people how to meet girls, believe in themselves and find love.

Albert Brenneman, a funny, plump man, turns to Hitch for help. He works as an accountant in one firm and is in love with the beautiful owner of the firm. The pick-up coach does the incredible — he builds relationships for a couple so unsuitable at first glance. Hitch himself also falls into a love net for a journalist describing the romantic adventure of an accountant. During the collection of material, the girl realizes that Alex played an unseemly role in this story. Hitch and Brenneman become friends in misfortune — they are abandoned by their beloved. They will have to work hard to make everything fall into place.

7. Bachelor Party in Vegas

The Hangover in Vegas — 2009 Best Comedy Film. On the eve of the wedding, the main character Doug goes to Vegas with his friends. The company is staying at the hotel, deciding there to celebrate the last day of Doug’s bachelor life. The bachelor party went well, only in the morning the company found someone else’s baby in the closet, the bathroom was occupied by a tiger, and one of the friends contrived to marry a certain person in the local chapel. But most importantly, the hero of the occasion disappeared without a trace.

No one really remembers what happened that night. The friends had to rebuild the events of the stormy bachelor party bit by bit and throw all their strength into finding the groom, because the bride was waiting for him in the wedding hall.

6. Nine yards

«Nine Yards» is a funny crime movie starring Bruce Willis. The protagonist, Nicholas Ozeranski (Oz), is a nervous dentist downtrodden by his wife. Things are not going well for him, but smoothly, without much shaking. All this until Jimmy Tulip, an assassin who served time in prison and settled in the neighborhood, appeared in his life. At one time, Jimmy testified against the famous mafiosi and now lived under a false name. Oz’s wife recognized the killer and decided to turn him over to the mafia to get a reward. In addition, she is not averse to getting rid of her annoying husband.

Oz travels to Chicago, where he meets a crime boss and meets Tulip’s wife, Cynthia. A feeling flares up between her and Nicholas. Now Oz is faced with the task of saving himself and his beloved from reprisal.

5. Rat Race

In the middle of the rating there is a funny movie “Rat Race”. The owner of the gambling establishment organizes a «Rat Race» competition for the entertainment of his rich friends, but instead of rodents, randomly selected casino visitors participate in it. The essence of the competition is that the prize — two million dollars — will be awarded to the one who gets to the destination first.

The organizer of the race concealed from the participants that bets would be placed on them and that this race of 700 km was a race without rules. But the participants of the game will find out about this after the start of the competition and cannot change anything. But for the sake of a significant jackpot, they can mess with rivals, sneeze at the opinions of others, change their beliefs.

4. DMB

The comedy of Russian production «DMB» has long become a cult. Quotes from this film «went to the people» and began to live their own lives. If you want to laugh to tears, then the movie «DMB» will do.

Three conscripts from different class estates meet at the recruiting office. They are united by the fact that they strive to get into the army, and each for this has its own reason. One wants to cover up his tracks and hide in the army from creditors. Another burned down the plant and is hiding from responsibility. The third seduced the dean’s wife and flew out of the institute. This trinity will have extraordinary adventures and interesting encounters before taking the oath. In addition to them, there are other characters who are struggling to «skip» from serving in the army.

3. The Big Lebowski

The comedy film «The Big Lebowski» ranks third in our ranking of the funniest films. Jeff Bridges starred in this comedy, the role of the unemployed, closed in his own little world of Jeffrey Lebowski. Confusing him with a namesake, bandits break into his house, demanding a ransom. By chance, Jeffrey finds himself involved in an unpleasant story with the kidnapping of the wife of a namesake oligarch. His quiet life comes to an end — around him is deception, machinations, intrigues.

2. Long walk

The comedy «Big Walk», funny to tears, is in second place. The main role in it was played by the French actor Louis de Funes. During World War II, an English plane was shot down over Paris. The pilots jump out with parachutes, having previously agreed to meet at a certain place. The wind blows them in different directions of the French capital, the territory is occupied by the Germans, and they definitely need to find each other. For the meeting to take place, the pilots will have to overcome many obstacles and get out of ridiculous and curious situations with honor.

1. Unlucky

«Unlucky» — the winner of our rating — the funniest film to tears. It was created in 1981 with star actors Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu. This is a story about people who are destined to be unlucky. Maria, the heiress of the president of a large company, is one of them. Having gone to rest, she manages to fall into the hands of the kidnappers. The father hires a private investigator to find the girl. Together with him, on the advice of a psychologist, a chronically unlucky person is sent — the company’s accountant Francois Perrin. According to the theory of a psychologist, he must go the same way as Maria.